Stolen X-Carve Alert!


I am posting a forum thread to alert potential buyers of second hand X-Carves. I have recently had a full X-Carve kit stolen from the trunk of my brother’s car. This was in the Bay area in CA about 2 weeks back and I had only just taken delivery of it. It is most probably still in kit form.

I am waiting on the people from Inventibles to get back to me with part reference numbers and so I will update this thread when they do. I thought it is worth raising to alert you all.

I would be very grateful if anyone has any information that leads to it’s return. There would definitely be a reward of some kind.

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Ouch, sorry to hear that. I hope that you get your X-carve back ASAP!

I’m betting that it has been broken up into pieces that will be sold on several Crag lists. The chances of getting it back this late is slim to say the least.

Ariel, WA

Start a collection thread!

The maker slide should be pretty easy to spot on Craigslist - if they know what to call it. I am guessing the police could care less. But, there is always the prospect of revenge!

Damn. That sucks.

Wish I could get a line on their contact details. I’d love to be able to give them some special advice on how to assemble it…

Car insurance cover it?

Unfortunately no insurance to cover the loss. Originally the car was stolen but has since been recovered ‘sans’ CNC kit. :cry:
I’ll keep an eye on Craigslist. Thanks for the tip.

And thanks to Dave in Ariel for the reality check. I realise I have next to no hope of getting it back but I feel like I need to do something and at least I can make forum members aware of the potential risk in purchasing a stolen kit or machine.

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@PaulWalton Mate I feel your pain. I had a heap of high-end photography gear stolen and it sucks. Even worse, the so-and-so’s that stole it, probably have zero idea on what it is or how it would be used, so it’ll pawned off for a pittance somewhere or dumped.


If it helps, because I’ve gone down the DeWalt path, I’ve got two of the old 24v spindles sitting around (one used & one brand new), I’m happy to donate them to the cause if you assist with the postage - I’m in Australia however, so not sure if that’s of any interest to you. However if it’ll help in getting you up & running with a machine, please let me know.


If you have home owners or renters insurance those policies generally cover a certain amount of property that is in your auto.

Many thanks for the generous offer but, as you suggest, the postage wouldn’t make it viable. In addition, I’m a complete newby in this so the complete kit was gonna be my way in. Not entirely confident sourcing parts separately.
I think I’ll sit on this idea of owning a CNC machine for a while and review whether it is something I want to pursue.
Cheers all the same.

Wow that sucks, so sorry to hear about it, hopefully insurance can do something for you.

I wonder if the thief has any idea what he stole. Before I got into CNC, I certainly wouldn’t have known what all these v-wheels and extrusion were or what they were for.

Are you sure that the car insurance won’t cover what was in the car when it was stolen? Granted, it may be less than the deductible, but it’s worth a shot.

Insurance is weird. Things like this are not covered under the car insurance policy, but under a homeowners/renters insurance policy even though it was in the car. Bummer finding this out the HARD way.