Stop in middle of carve

Why does the machine stop 1/2 way through carve?

My guess would be some type of electrical enterferance.

Thanks, I will check to see if I have an issue there.

Check your power settings computer might be going to sleep

Also could be from dust collector if you are running one.

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Here are some suggestions:

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That happens frequently do to electrical interference. Here are some suggestions:
Use a good quality shielded usb cable
do not have your router cable running along with your stepper motor cables
plug in your router, shop vac and any other ancillary devices into a different outlet as your controller
and finally. don’t have your controller plugged into the same circuit as a refrigerator, freezer,air conditioner or air compressor. (when the compressor in these devices first turn on it drops the line voltage significantly for a moment.

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What software are you using tro send the gocode to your machine? Easel, UGS, PicSender, etc…


I had the same issue for a bit. Once I plugged my shop vac into a separate outlet it stopped. I now leave the outlet my machine runs on completely dedicated to the machine.


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Joe4re,Were you able to restart where you left off or did you have to start from the beginning?

unfortunately i had to restart from the beginning