Stop mid-carve and SMOKING!

So, I am new to the X-carve and all that it entails. Anywho, I was doing a small 40 minute carve (Halloween pumpkin & text, 1/4 MDF, 1/8 bit). The carve stops mid-way though and easel asks if everything turned out good or if something went wrong. I clicked “something went wrong” and it asked me to select what happened and I just clicked it away… convinced that I had to scrap it and start again. So I went back to easel and looked at the simulation at the bottom… I fast forwarded the simulation to where my carve stopped and clicked “carve” (the bit is still sitting exactly where it was when it stopped mid carve) so I RAISED the Z-axis (so that it wouldnt actually cut through and i could see it mimic - so id know if it was going to start all the way back at the beginning, or right where i forwarded the simulation to). I hit go and router stayed in place and DRILLED DOWN AND DOWN AND DOWN until it began to smoke and i hit the emergency stop… tried to lift up on the Z-axis - no go, the router had come off the track.
I got it all fixed up, there is now a charred hole in my waste board but other than that no visible damage.
What did I do wrong!?!

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Fast forwarding the simulation will not bring you to the point you want to start from. It is a simulation only. I haven’t used easel in a very long time but you would need to re-zero all 3 axis and start over from beginning. There are numerous threads about carves not completing. I would search through those to find a solution to your problem.

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@PatrickAScohy thanks for the reply. Yes, I had assumed the simulation wouldnt pick up where I set it… I had just hoped. I have sifted though many “mid-carve stopping” threads. I supose my question is more to the tune of “why did it start drilling down down down and bottoming out and start smoking out of nowhere?”

Did you go through the process of setting your work zero position the second time around? There’s a chance it was lost when the carve errored out and stopped, and when you attempted to start the second time it was trying to go to wherever it thought it needed to relative to an essentially random zero position.