Stop wheels from loosening

I keep having my wheels loosen on one side of the y access and the x. Is there a way to keep this from happening? I’m having trouble getting the carve tuned right because the wheels keep loosening and it keeps slipping

You could use some loc tite, that could help!

Just be sure to use the blue loc tite. The red stuff is permanent.

I just found out that you can release the red Loctite with some heat. But I would still use the blue.

Rusty, that is good to know, how hot does it need to get before it releases?

I haven’t personally tried it, but I saw it on ClickSpring’s youtube channel. I’m not sure which video it was, but he uses a butane torch to release it. He uses the same method for super glue too!

I’d be tempted to try just a heat gun, not sure really how hot it needs to get.

I just looked it up, the red loctite needs to be heated to over 550 deg F to release. A butane torch can reach 2,600 deg F so that should do it!

Nice, I should go pick some up, I’m sure it would come in handy. That Clickspring guy actually uses it to bond pins in place as well, seems pretty useful.

You could also just add a nut to hold the eccentric nut in position. Threadlock is still more convenient for the regular wheels though if they are slipping.

Speaking of, I noticed this when I switched from the stock spindle to the Makita…

Pretty good wear already.

Definitely use ‘‘blue’’ loc tite on ALL eccentric wheel bolt threads. These will vibrate and come off completely while in cutting process. Its not a problem, just physics. Since there is no locking nut there. Adjust all the eccentric nuts for correct wheel tension against the rails. Then apply a small drop of blue loc tite on threads at the nut.