Stopover Settings under advanced in Easel

Does anyone regular change their stopover in Easel? for the below?

Just a straight bit run

Roughing Pass

Detail V-bit

If so what do you typically do? If you go from 40% to 70% stepover will it still cut clean and speed up the processing time?

I know it is kind of an open ended question as the material will play a big part of it. I

Default 40% step over is a good width of cut portion, the tool engage material nicely.

When to change?
When resurfacing the wasteboard (skim cut) you’d use a wide bit and like 80-90% step over to cut down carve time.

For tight surface details / v-engraving etc smaller step over provide finer resulotion, and increase in carve time.

It is the balance between output quality and type of cut, vs time spent that is the main factor to consider.

I usually use 80% for roughing passes. I use Fusion 360 for CAM, though, so I can tell it to use my finishing bit (at 30-40% stepover) for one final finishing surfacing pass.

I stay usually with 40% but go deeper per pass to increase MRR, also Fusion360 for CAM.
Unless I want only a shallow cut, then I go wider instead.

I’ve tried the strategy of deeper with lower stepover before, but for most of my projects (shallower carves over a larger area) I get faster results with a depth no greater than the bit diameter and a higher feed rate (with the prior stated 80% stepover). I can’t seem to find settings with deeper cuts where I don’t snap bits. :roll_eyes:

Yes, it one of the “it depends” variables and governed by stiffness.
With a stiffer system the chip load is more uniform and closer to intended target value.