Stopped by Lowes

Stopped by Lowes last night to but another DWP611 router. Nope, had none and went to another store. Out also and had none at other stores. No order to get any of them in, Hmm I guess I will get one from the web.

Wish I could fly out there and verify that they are, in fact, in stock and then spend a couple of days just standing outside.

I was in a similar situation (waiting 2 weeks for new brushes to arrive) and wound up switching to the Makita from home depot. It was smaller so I used plastic from a “For Sale” sign to make a shim ring adaptor.
I was happy with the results (and the brushes on the Makita seem to last a lot longer)

They’ve been superseded by a different model.

Still on DeWalt web site???

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Got mine at sears after lowes told me they don’t carry it. Then stopped at lowes afterwards to get supplies and what do I see but a DWP611 on the shelf. So here I stand in lowes in front of the 611 so I call them and got the same answer and I said can you just check and they said ok. So a few mins go by and they get back on the phone and still tell me no. I said you never looked did you he said yes I said no way he said how is that. My reply cause I am standing in frome of it watching you talk to me on the phone. He looks over and I wave. Got a $100 gift card out of that cause my wife was recording it and we were gonna post it online.


I spend my days standing around lp tanks outside in the cold, I wish I could sit inside and play with my x carve!

Hey Shane just watched you on Youtube. Streching PVC. What do you make with it?

Insulators, washers, brackets, spacers, key chains. knife handles.