Stopped mid carve saying the carve was complete

Was carving a 3D project and the carve was going to take 7.5 hrs, about 3 hours into the carve my xcarve pro returned to the starting position, spindle shut off and I got the notification the carve was complete, which obviously the carve is nowhere complete. I tried restarting the carve but the spindle will not turn on, no issues with the USB port or cable from my laptop as can move the gantry along the x, y, z axis. Very disappointed this is happened as wasted a lot of time and I have completed 2 of the same carvings with no issues.

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Ypu can go into machine inspector (press ctrl+shift+D) and if the “State” says “Alarm” then you can check the last few lines in the console section to determine the alarm number and report back wirh that number.
Do note that alams cause errors and thus the alarm number is more important than the error number.

As for the spindle not working, theres a auto resetting circuit that requires the cnc be powered off for a period to reset… i suggest unplugging the power cord and waiting 10-15 minutes before plugging back and testing again.

Thanks Seth, but I have contacted Inventables and they are researching it as have already tried the unplugging trick and have gone through troubleshooting steps that customer support has supplied. will let you know the outcome when able.


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