Stopping and Starting

Is there a way if the computer shuts off to restart the program back up where it left off in Easel?

No. If the computer shuts off then you have to start over.

One strategy you can use to work around the computer rebooting is if your project is made up of a bunch of different design elements, you can delete the ones that you already carved and only carve the ones that haven’t been carved yet.

You can to zero the project at the EXACT same spot.

Ok thanks for the quick response

Also I assume you are using windows…I think there is a setting to make it not turn on the screen saver, not go to sleep, and another one to not abruptly reboot due to a Windows update. I have had a PC in our workshop abruptly reboot in the middle of using an X-Carve. I don’t understand why Microsoft made that the default.