Stopping cycle early results in lots of crashes... height setting?

Need some help please!

If I’m cutting 3/8" wood and end the cycle early via the X by the progress bar in Easel, the machine drops to Z0.25 and goes for the program origin, snapping the tool and/or jamming things up (I program with the wasteboard as zero for Z).

How can I change this “safety height” when I cut a program short to actually be safe? Something like 2" would be nice. That’s what I set my safety height as but that isn’t what it uses when you stop short of finishing a program. Thanks in advance!

How are you generating the toolpaths? (What software are you importing from?)

Notepad. I don’t use easel… I import notepad files with the g-code I want, and I touch my tools off the wasteboard as Z zero.

The GRBL is kind of annoying for an old machinist who speaks fluent G-code with proper canned cycles and offsets, but it is workable.

I figured that based on the fact that you’re zeroing from the wasteboard.
It looks like that 1/4" is built in to Easel and probably has caused others some issues. I don’t recall seeing anyone mention it.
@JeffTalbot Is that the behavior of Easel when a carve is cancelled?

@JoelEllis I’d suggest a different sender that gives you a bit more control. I’ve tried them all and I like CNCjs which can be run as a standalone desktop application.

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Cool, I will look into another sender. I never considered that, just figured the X-controller would get along best with Easel. Thank you!

I was hoping the 0.25” was just a setting like the steps per mm setting or something like that.

Even on 1/4” plywood, I have a tendency to put a clamp in the origin corner. If I get away with the cutter skimming the surface of the wood I still hit the clamp.

Now I pause, remove the clamp, continue then cancel. Derp