Stopping Mid Carve

New x carve, all standard hardware. Hit and miss whether it will finish a carve. It just stops completely and the easel page appears like it has finished. Carve light is blue and not green and I usually have to unplug and replug the usb into the computer to get it to turn back to green.

This is the error but I can find little about error 31. Put in a call the customer service this morning and am waiting to hear something back. Just trying to figure out what is going on.

Hi Nutz!

Support will probably be the best bet here but in the mean time what kind of computer are you using? What version of the drivers do you have installed? You said its a new x-carve so Im guessing the latest drivers but always good to double check.

That would be Easel Driver Version: 0.3.20
New Hp laptop running win 10 and using chrome browser.

Its getting dryer out depending on were you live. How well is your dust collector grounded if you are running one.

We had the issue 3 times. 3 different projects. 1 using the dust shoe and 2 without using the dust shoe. Our dust collection system is grounded to the ground inside an electrical outlet.

Yesterday we ran a few projects without the issue although after one project finished the carve button went to blue and we had to restart easel to reconnect. This is difficult as it always on a project that requires a second carve and we then seem to lose the “last position”.

Customer service did finally call but I missed the call. The voicemail said it could be a Gcode issue. Like I said, this was three different projects so I’m not sure what to try next. I’ll have to call them back.