Stopping on the rough in 2 different spots

1st time it stop about 20 percent and just bore a hole about 1/4 in deep, 2nd time about 8 percent and bore the same hole in a different spot. Both times my machine locked. I am going to try a different stl file from a different site tomorrow and see what happens.

Can you share photos of those results thanks!

One on the left is at 20% then lock then I restarted it and it got to 8% (the hole in the center) Now the stl file i got is for 3D printer.

Hmm, maybe just static shock killing power to the cnc momentarily which caused usb comms to drop out and the carve to freeze… or something like that.

Then once the comms drops the z axis will slowly fall (probably takes about 3 minites once it starts falling) down since the stepper motor is not holding it up then you get that hole.

Well I am gonna try a regular DXF file which it is about 4.5 hours and see what happens, The rough cut on the stl file was 2.5 hours to complete so lets see what happens.

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This is the stl file

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well after troubleshooting (3 different PC’s and running blackbox software) I narrowed it down to the openbuilds black box. So I ordered the CNC xPRO V5 - Spark Concepts.

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