Storm Trooper Mask

Nice free OBJ model file for a stormtrooper mask

I have not loaded it yet, but it sure looks nice. @PhilJohnson make one and tell us how its done.

Here is the website that created it and is providing it for free.


It looks like he made it on a CNC ; he is selling CNC machines.
But it is really tall on the Z, it would need to be done in slices.

Here is the link to the video he made about how it was made. Looks like he used Vectric Cut 3D

Yes, the file seems way different than the top picture.

There are several .OBJ files in the download ZIP, maybe they have the detail work in them?

I have cut3d if anyone wants me to run a model in it I can. :wink:

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Did this for a family gift

I have seen the project but do not know where to get the file to create it. Any idea. It would be cool for Halloween. Thanks

Must get file!!

do you whereI found it and I looked. By the way is there a cheaper way to create 3D files. 2000 bucks for Vectric Aspire is to much for a hobby.

Sketchup Make is free.