Storm trooper

i used the 1/8" fish tail bit-on path-0.09 depth with w=17.5" h=17.5" on a material x=19" y=19"
those side vents were chipped and the other outlines.
would i have the same problem even i used 1/16" bit on a 0.01" or 0.02" depth on a fill in carve?


What kind of wood? MDF?

it’s a 3/4"particle board with laminate topping

You may have a slight better chance with smaller bit just because it will take less material at a time but your problem is your wood. Small pieces have a hard time holding on in MDF and particle board due to the lack of fibers and wood structure. I would try some plywood.

use a 1/16" bit and 0.02" depth?

this guy’s carving was on a solid wood he got tear-out also.

In his case, I would say the image was too small. Looks to be only 4-5 inches tall according to the wasteboard and the clamps. This is really just my opinion here. I do not make myself out as a pro by any means. If you tried the 1/16 I would say you need to try the .02". But I really think you’ll have better results with different wood. But this is where you learn the most through experimentation. Trial and Error my friend.

Here is one I did in MDF using a 60 degree v-bit.

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Erik… what size did you do yours? I want to make one for a friends’ son on top of a step-up bench… trying to get a sense of size…


Mine was cut about 8" x 10" in 3/4" MDF

I agree. I always tried the fishtail, and would have tear outs. Switched to a down cut and projects looks better and cleaner

If you lower the DOC and use a Vbit on the outer edges it can help with clean edges.

The tear out is hard with wood. MDF you should not get it.
But here are a few things you can try.
Coat the MDF with a hardener (not to much).
Use tape on the top to help with keeping things in place. Some have done this but I have not tried it.
Feed rate can be slowed. Takes longer but reduced the chance of chip out on some areas.
Also how the cut on the grain is made is also important. You can always adjust the cut by breaking up the graphic and using climb vs conventional depending on the cut direction you wish to go. Climb vs conventional is the direction of the tool. There are pro’s and con’s to both.
You really need to understand the wood and how the bit is going to cut into it.
I have done a lot of studies on the subject so I would understand.

How about putting the han solo carbonite on the fridge!
full size with the split for the doors.

did you do a fill carving on yours and a 0.02" depth?

this came out nice than the storm trooper with no tear-outs. i used the same material and bit only this is a fill carving.
the painting was not that good, maybe i should try the indian motorcycle taping again using a blue tape “delicate surface.”

our high school in manila logo i used the same bit and material on the spiderman mask.

Phil this is the idea I had for the refrigerator. The part on the right side.

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heres han