Straight bit for v bit

Has anyone ever manipulated a straight bit for a v bit for faster carve time in using a straight bit?

This would be called a roughing pass, and is simple to do. Especially if you use v carve or something similar.

nope just have easel pro

In easel pro you can do a roughing pass by choosing the straight bit first, then clicking on the “+” sign next to the bit selection to choose the v bit as a second bit.
Easel will use the straight bit to do the roughing pass, taking out whatever material it can get to with that, then prompt you to change bits when ready to do the v carve (homing the machine when it prompts).

Even simpler…lol

EDIT: Don’t forget to re zero the v bit when you change it out. I think easel will prompt you for this as well, but if you don’t have a z zero kit, you many have to do it manually.