Strange Behavior Spotted after rotation

I selected a number of objects which included some rectangles and some circles. After selection, I rotated the entire selection +90 degrees and also moved it a bit sideways. After rotation, trying to change the diameter of a hole results in strange results. For example, a hole was 0.250" both height and width. After changing the width to 0.150, the height changed to 0.750 on its own. Then trying to change the height to 0.150, makes the width 0.030" and the height stays at 0.750".

Rotating by -90 degrees, restores normal behavior.

This has been reported before.

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I too have noticed odd resizing behavior after rotating a sketch in Easel. I now make sure I do all my resizing prior to rotating (as a workaround; hopefully it gets fixed).


I just reported it again.

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Well if there’s a competition for who found it first, here’s mine from last year.

Continuing the discussion from Proportional scaling lock added!:

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