Strange behavior today, circle into an oval

I’m almost brand new to CNC/X-carve but have had it working fine for a few weeks.

Last night I made a test carve and everything went fine.

Today I started things up, put in a nice new pretty board, set work Zero, and hit play. Instead of a nice 4" circle like I was expecting it started making a huge oval right through a hold down before I could stop it. When I told it to go back to work zero it got the Y correct, but X wasn’t and Z wasn’t.
I moved it manually back to a work zero, moved Z way up to air carve, and it did it again.

I powered it off and back on again and now it is running the carve correctly. I didn’t touch any wires, settings, or anything. But I did re-load the file but it was the same exact file as the first time.

I exported the project from easel and imported it into CNC.js which I’m running on a raspberry Pi. The image was correct on the screen and the location of the “bit” was correct as well.

The only thing I can think is that late last night I was working on a new project in Easel that was about that size oval, but I’m not using Easel to send the gcode. I don’t know how it would have gotten the idea of the oval since everything was powered off overnight.

Was this just a “fluke” of carve gremlins playing a trick on me?

Is there a process you all use to “check” that things aren’t going to go wonky? The only thing I can think is to do like I did an move Z way up and let it air carve for a bit and verify it is going correctly.

I checked the belts and they “seem” okay, but I’m still learning.

I had jogged it around to get to work zero before I started the carve.

I very much appreciate your suggestions! Phil, you rock!!

I just ordered a scale ( Love Prime ) and found a few threads on getting them set up.

I wanted to do a few other updates so it looks like I’ll be going over the whole thing this weekend.

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