Strange Bit

some background before I get to my question. I have inherited this “project” from my parent whom originally had purchased the shapeoko 2 and assembled it and started to get it dialed in. I am starting to acquire more bits for this machine and have stumbled upon a bit in a plastic case and it has a sticker that says N1Lx3.22 on it and nothing else. The bit looks similar to another bit, 30238-02, but is a hair shorter and also does not have an index. Other than those to minor details, the bit is potentially the same. Does anyone know what this bit is? and if so do you have a spec sheet so I can plug it into my tool library.

thanks in advance

is there a English version of that site?

Chrome translates it for me.

Seems it is a 1/8 single flute, carbide tipped upcut. For use on Acrylic (plexiglas), Softwood, Hardwood, MDF, PVC.
50mm long with 22mm cut

the bit the i have is only 1.7 in long and as far as i can tell it is not broken.

Kind of hard to say then really. That site has various lengths etc, but obviously they have different part numbers to what you gave.

that is the capsule it came in I believe it is the stock bit that came with the spindle upgrade. I am not certain because I was not the original person who put it together. I could not find the actual bit.

I know it’s 3 years later, but I happened upon this thread so maybe someone else will too.

The 1lx3.22 is a 1/8" single flute end mill. It is the stock bit that came with any shapeoko 2 kit that had a dremel and maybe other spindle options.

Among shapeoko owners, the empty plastic end mill package is iconic. I think we all still have the little plastic box but the mill itself broke that first week.