Strange end mills

What’s the strangest end mill you’ve seen?

Can you tell me what this is for?

a burr-y good bur article describing shapes and uses…


Wonder if you could carve some soft soap stone with one in x carve …

Making Christmas trees… LMFAO. too damn funny. Sorry i didn’t add anything to this but couldn’t resist the laugh


Sawdust overdose. so yes your right.


These kinds of burr bits are more coarse than the kind you find for dremel, that and the uniform burrs work very good for carving wood without the bit getting crammed up with saw dust. I’ve been using these for a long time and they work great. The yellow is the fine and still removes material aggressively.

Link: Sabre Tooth Burr Bits


oh yeah burr bit for sure not to be used on a cnc machine but defiantly not to be confused with honey comb bits that are made for the cnc

I would not call my opinion expert just an opinion

but for the bit the op posted balance would be a huge issue as they are not really balanced all that great

they are designed to be used with hand tools

its also the geometry design the design is not optimized for a cnc machine I am sure you could chuck it in the collet but your material, tool, and machine might suffer

if you look at the picture that I posted of the homeycomb bits they are balanced properly and have a end mill tip that allows you to plunge and are just overall designed to work with cnc machines

I am sure anything is possible and in some special use cases those tools would work fine on a cnc say perhaps if you where trying to texture foam but they are not really designed for that

but no I dont have any double blind studies on the topic that I can show you sorry lol


do you have a link to the manufactures information? on the op’s original tool I would like to take a look

here is a video of hand carving with the burr

okay sweet when you buy one and use it for awhile let me know how it turns out for you I am interested thanks


Is this continued animosity really required?



I dont think it is

I really think I am done with this forum all together stuff is just getting out of hand

I didn’t think i had to list my qualifications and go through a job interview to give out my opinion to people lol

I think what @WorkinWoods would is trying to say is that they are typically not designed to be used in a CNC router.

Everything I saw about these types of bits is that they are marketed towards hand grinders, be it a die grinder or something like a Dremel.

Now can we all just cool it.