Strange Results from Easel

Hey guys,

So i am just getting started with my x-carve and I have been running some lettering tests.

The toolpath seems to be moving in different places as it goes from layer to layer. I have checked to make sure my GShield is properly attached as well as checked all the wiring.

Any ideas?

Is that happening every time? It appears to have on both the bottom (left side) examples.

1st thing I would check is that you have good tension on your belts. It looks to me like somewhere along the way the belt is slipping and resulting in lost counts. I noticed the belt “jumping” a bit in the area in front of the smooth idlers (whichever direction the spindle is traveling) when the belt wasn’t tight enough.


Also check the eccentric nuts, you want your v-wheels to be just tight enough that you can’t spin them with your fingers, but you still want the carriage to move smoothly on that axis.

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That fixed it! More belt tension and the one v wheel was too tight. Works great now!

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Awesome! Now back to work!

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