Strange unfinished v bit carve


I am trying to cut some brass with a v bit:

The paths look all ok but for some misterious reason the carve always ends “successfully” around here:

(I tried twice because I though initially that it was a browser error… but it was not)

Why is this carve ending prematurely?

Can you share the project? We have no way to determine what might be happening with a project we do not have access to.


Brandon Parker

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This is the project:

Strangely someone in facebook reported the exact same phenomenon

What I dont understand is why the gcode is perfectly generated but the machine ends prematurely.

If the job is abruptly ending prematurely, the issue is most likely EMI (noise on the USB cable). This is a common issue that people have.

Here are are few things to look at:

  1. Ensure the USB cable is routed away from the power cable for the router as much as possible.
  2. Plug the router into a separate circuit if possible.
  3. For each stepper motor cable, if you have the shielded cables, expose the shield (foil/wire or both) from each cable at the end connected to the X-Controller. Tie/Connect these ends together and connect them to one of the GND pins on the X-Controller. Leave the ends at the stepper motor disconnected completely.

Search the forum for other things to look at because there have been a myriad of posts about this issue.

When this happens during a carve, you can also click the link that says the carve did not go well and then select get help from Inventables. This causes Easel to send Inventables a trouble-ticket with a diagnostics file. They might be able to confirm is the issue is a communication issue.


Brandon Parker

But I have the machine since 2016 and using exactly the same setup I have 0 issues with normal carving. It is just 60 degree V bits that stopped two times in the exactly same spot.

If is not an update to the gcode sender, then is a known problem