Struggling, almost there

So I’ve built my machine and over the past week have been struggling every night trying to get it tweaked/adjusted to where I can actually get a cut to complete properly. Im 90% there I think with this last problem really getting me down…Missing steps on the x-axis.
Dont take this post as a rant or anything negative like that, just looking for some insight to get this problem fixed.
I was using everything stock except for controller…Im using a g540 and up till last night was still using stock 24v motor and 24volt power supply. Had awful vibrations and bit noise throughout the week while test cutting and adjusting. Finally broke down and tore apart my working diy machine (Which I REALLY was trying to avoid) and swapped out the spindle, power supply, and speed controller. So now its a 400w spindle and 48volt power supply on the machine. Huge difference, so much quieter and smoother. Was too late to run a test cut tho.
Just ran a test cut and again, sounded and looked great, all except the x once again started missing steps @ 8 minutes into the cut. I’ve made sure everything is tight including the pulleys, wiring, etc.
Im going to go now and readjust the v-wheels a bit looser and maybe the belt a bit looser also, but any insight/ideas would be appreciated

Timothy, if you do a forum search for “missing steps” or “motor current”, you’ll find a ton of information. Lots of folks have had similar issues.


I have done more than that BIll…been reading all topics long before ordering x-carve in preparation to the inevitable problems your going to come across in something like this :slight_smile: Even the easel ones although I’m using other software I’m familiar with (impressed with what the team is doing with easel from what i read).
I have the correct current going to each motor measured with my meter according to specs.

Think I’m getting closer tho…found the X won’t jog at slow speeds (10% or less). So at least I have a direction to go in.

@TimothyTruex that sounds like it could be a current issue. Do you have a way to adjust the current on your new controller?

On the gshield you turn the potentiometer.

Also thought like it seemed a current issue after messing with it a while. The current is set to the motor current rating through a pot and is dead on 2.8k ohms. It seems it may have been a step pulse speed setting in mach3 being too low. As soon as I bumped it from 2 to 4 it seems ok…so far anyways. Cutting right now so we will see :slight_smile:

And I am not 100% sure what that means lol…I know just enough to get me into trouble quick, and enough to get me out much slower

One of the big issues that come up is that you are running the spindle power line and the X axis stepper line side by side on the drag chain. Electric noise from the spindle can cause problems with missed steps of the X axis.
On your G540 do you have the current limiting resisters installed in pins 1 and 5 on the DB9 plug at the 540.
Also are you slaving Y and A drivers to run your Y axis .


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I am running the ezg540 adjustable pots on all axis’s, set to @2.8k ohms. And yes, the spindle wiring is running along the other wiring in the drag chain.

and also yes, I am slaving Y and A in mach3

ezg540 must be a newer unit. Both of my 540s needed resisters soldered in.


I’m sorry, I should have been clearer, completely my fault… The “ezG540” is a circuit board with a potentiometer that gets soldered in line right at the controller to set your limiting current. I have one on each axis.

OK sounds good

Going to try another cut now. The X seems to be working the way it should be now. What are people doing about the motor wiring if they arent running it through the drag chain then?

Using shielded wiring and trying to keep spindle and stepper wiring as far apart as possible in the drag chain.