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I thought I would share a Christmas gift I made for my dad to store his watches and cufflinks.

I designed using 3D Studio Max to make sure all the parts would fit together properly. Then used Aspire to create each individual part.

Some V carving with a 60 degree bit.

Oak finished with OSMO Polyx Oil.

The child inside me wanted a hidden drawer so I designed one in where the drawer is held in place by 2 catches under the small compartments and when released is pushed forward by 3 small compression springs. Simple but effective.

I am really pleased with the results and learned a lot during manufacture. It took me approximately 20 hours but think if I were to make another could probably now finish it in 10.


Looks great! Good work! Hidden drawer is awesome, going to need to incorporate some into future projects!!

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very cool.

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Who changed their login to BlueLocktite :joy:

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Great looking gift.
I am sure it will be something your father treasures for many years to come.

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great work there, your Dad must be chuffed to bits

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My Dad loves his box although it took him a good 15 minutes to open the drawer the first time as it didn’t come with any instructions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can you share the 3d files? I see images of them above but the don’t seem to be downloadable.

me. Just a nobody.

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Very nice!

Top panel for a gate I am making. Designed some text and tree drawing for the center. We have some Indian runner ducks so I decided to add a couple.

First I planed, thicknessed and glued together some sycamore we felled in 2015, then created the shape on the band saw and sanded the edges and sides then used a cloth to apply some sanding sealer.

The carve was performed with a 60 degree V bit, 70 ipm feed, 30 ipm plunge, 2mm doc, number 2 on dewalt.

Once carved (1 hour 11 mins) painted inside the carve with dark oak stain and wiped off the surface with a cloth. Left for 10 minutes for the stain to do it’s thing, then used compressor with air duster to blow out the excess stain and wipe clean. Waited another 30 mins for stain to dry, then sanded the surface.

Really pleased with the result. :grinning:


My good wife’s Christmas present in the bag!

All carved in oak. 3D Carved the big wording DUCK EGGS, although could have done it with povkets. V carved the ducks. Ball nose bit for the egg shelves. Basic pockets and profiles for the rest. Stained the ducks then a coat of Osmo polyx oil. Done :+1:


We have 6 runner ducks. 5 of which are laying females and we get many eggs. We have a spot in the kitchen where this will look great.

Looks like it holds a “Baker’s” dozen + six.:blush:

Good job.


Another xmas prezzie in the bag


with eggs and fixed to wall


Nice work.

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Another addition to our kitchen. Chalk board we will use for shopping list with a shelf for chalk pen. Made from oak, 60 degree V carved the wording and leaves. Simple pocket for the recessed black board with a quarter inch 2 flute downcut spiral bit. Shelf has an indentation 3D carved with a 6mm ball nose bit. Designed and carved in around 2 hours. Finishing took another hour or so. Very pleased with the outcome. Even more pleased to have my 16 year old daughter help me every step of the way and showed a keen interest.


Super excited! Hope the 3mm fits ok in my 1/8 collet

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