Stuck dewalt collet nut

Hi. Since starting with my xcarve I have found that the collet nut gets really tight, this is particularly when using larger bits. This is the nut itself, rather than having problems with getting bits out of the collet. I currently cannot undo the nut, and in trying to loosen it have manged to break the actual casing where the pin that locks the spindle for bit removal goes in. Am thinking that the only option I have is to try an convert to a two spanner system but am unsure of what kind of spanner I would need to hold the nut that is recessed into body of the dewalt?. Or any other ideas?

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Looks to have been broken while tightening the nut, not loosening.

Go to Lowes and buy a new one.
Save this one for future repair parts. (bearings, brushes etc.)

I am going to see if I can get it done as a warranty repair. I am just a bit concerned that it may be something that I am doing wrong that has inadvertently caused it. I have only ever used the spanner that comes with it and dont think I am tightening too much (especially given that I have struggled to undo the nut before). Is using a different collet likely to make any difference? I know a lot of folk use Elaire, but as I am in the UK they come out quite expensive.