Stuck in first gear

So I have my new Xcarve all bolted together and wired up. Even the limit switches work which is very heartening given some of the forum threads I have read. BUT, I have Vcarve pro as well and can not seem to find a way to home, align, test, and control the machine (without easel) then cut a Vcarve graphic/project.
I am obviously missing a serious link.
I would very much appreciate some help, guidance, or even ridicule as long as it directs me to a solution. I was expecting that the Xcarve post processor would provide me with an interface to home the machine, zero it to a start point and then hit the “LET’S CUT IT BUTTON” or something similar but that doesn’t work.

Just re read my previous post and it wasn’t really as clear/ simple as I had intended it to be. In an attempt to clarify my earlier post, What I am looking for is a visual on screen interface that will allow me to see the X,Y,Z coordinates and to jog the machine to clear start point and have some confidence that both the machine and I know where it is and what it intends to do.
Any help at all will be much appreciated.
Thanks James.

Vcarve have nothing to do for homing or sending job to Xcarve. When you generate your Toolpath with it, you have to send that to Xcarve with any Gcode sender programs. That program do your home starts. Universal Gcode Sender is the one if them. It’s Java based program free to public. You better go true Vectric tutorial carefully.

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You need a Communication / Control program.

List of them here: — I’ve become fond of bCNC which has been getting a lot of updates.

If you’ve only used Easel, you may find this overview of a typical CNC CAD/CAM workflow of interest: or the even more general Overview:

Thank you Alan I suspected as much. I have a lot to learn yet.

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Thank you Will I much appreciate your help and the links you provided. On with the learning process.