Stuck on simulating tool path

I am having this issue for the first time. Easel Pro stuck.
Its a lot of little details so I am not sure how to fix issue.
Using Macbook Pro so I have enough computing power.
here is the link
Any help would be appreciated.

You didn’t share your project correctly be sure to click save after the link, Be patient some very high detail projects can take forever to write the tool paths in easel

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How or where do I click save after the link? First time doing so. Thank you

Right under the link you will see a save button

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Ok I made it Public. Sorry I was trying to do it from my phone. Makes way more sense from a computer

that’s going to take a while to cerate the tool paths, be patient it eventually will. As an example the star wars Aztec takes Easel about 45minutes to start when I cut it last.