Stuck on "Starting homing sequence..."

I want to start off by saying that I really think it’s ridiculous to receive this kit and have to solder the pins to the gShield ourselves. This should be done by Inventables, not by the end user. I suck at soldering.

Ok, I realize this topic has been beaten to death, but mine is slightly different than most. I have my homing switches wired up, and for the most part they work. During the initial homing sequence, the Z homing works consistently, where it touches the limit switch, backs off quickly, goes back slowly to the switch until it touches it again, then backs off quickly again. Then it does the X and Y, and when it touches them, the stepper motors stop as expected. Sometimes they’ll back off a little, other times they won’t. The thing is, the limit switches are all responding when pressed, but that’s as far as it gets. It’s just stuck on the “Starting homing sequence…” screen. If I try to carve something and click on the “Start homing cycle” button, it goes to the limits, pushes them, they all respond as expected, then I get the popup saying that homing failed. I’m this close <----> from giving up.

If you are yet to make any sawdust, tell Easel that you don’t have any homing switches and move on. You can use the machine perfectly fine without them. You can always go back and use/enable them if you want.

Most likely you have electrical noise on the homing switch wires. Options are – use shielded cable for the homing switches — or put low pass filters on the switch wires close to the gShield.

As another thought, have you tried using ChiliPeppr or UGCS to run a homing cycle? That would let you determine if it’s an Easel issue, or an issue with your hardware.