Stupid weather!

Had designed a great Yoda sign for one of my players, I heard a little thunder this morning while I was clamping in the MDF and started my carve, I stepped into my office when the power went out. I thought… hey no problem, I can re-home device and start carve over… NO! the stupid thing came alive before I could get to it and of course it had lost steps by now and was carving outside of where it should’ve been. grrrr! Scratch one piece of MDF. At least it wasn’t an expensive piece of wood. I’m glad I just powered everything down for awhile because we’ve had 6 power outages since then. Those little annoying ones that flash off for a few seconds and comes back. You know, the kind that likes to fry electronic devices!!! lol


that is a good idea.

We are up to 14 outages now… the kind that dim, get bright and go off for a few seconds before returning. Nearly everything in the house is unplugged. Something wonky has to be wrong upstream in our power. Storm passed thru a few hours ago.

My carving has been shutdown until the power can stay up unhindered for a few hours.