Submariner retirement box lid

I am making a humidor as a gift for my brother who is retiring from the navy. Below is the center of the lis I carved out. I am still debating whether it will look better if I paint the letters , the background box or just leave them blank.


I think painting the background behind his name, leaving the letters as bare wood would give it a nice contrast…


Beautiful work. He will appreciate this a lot.

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I would like to see the finished humidor because I would love to CNC one myself.

I think painting the background will make those letters POP!

Very cool

I say paint the text surface or stain it even. Were the fish laser engraved?

Hi David, Will post once complete.

thank you, the fish were cut with a 90 degree v bit

Well, Since he was a Captain, the dolphins should be gold. -Perhaps you could cover them in that gold leaf stuff (I think the crafts section at Walmart) carried some faux metal leaf stuff.

thank you that is a good idea.