Subscription Complaints

I am, soon to be was if this doesn’t get resolved, an Easel Pro Subscriber. My subscription was due to expire tomorrow. A few days ago I tried to update my credit card information and planned to change to an annual subscription after a renewal attempt failed (because the card on file was no longer valid). I didn’t have the option to update my card details, nor did I have the buttons to change my subscription type. This was because of an issue a few months back where they took the subscription payment but turn the subscription on for a few days. Rather than fix the issue they implemented a work around. So I reached out to support who fixed the lack of card update and subscription type buttons by cancelling my subscription. The options screen told me I had easel free and my pro subscription had been cancelled on December the 12th, that’s right, two days from now, but all the pro functionality had been lost. I reached out to support again and their workaround (not fix) was to give me 6 free easel days to get me back up and running. Yesterday I heard from the tech who was working my case who explained their previous fix had broken something and that my subscription should have expired on the 11th (tomorrow) and to try and renew my subscription again. Here we are today and the free easel day I started yesterday expired so my pro access was lost, and the remaining free easel days I had been given have also disappeared. So I’m now dead in the water again. Subscription time I have already paid for has been taken away as have the workarounds that were put in place. And they’re going to put their prices up?!?

How can I get someone in a position of authority to get this resolved? I want the time back that I have paid for along with the time lost because Easel support engineers don’t seem to know how to fix things and just put band-aid after band-aid on problems.


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