Subwoofer box

I think thatay have been my first exposure to cheap overseas crap. KENFORD and ROCKWOOD were my favorite copycat brand names…

Highest quality stuff I ever saw there was Blaupunkt…

But I remember the commercial like I heard it this morning…

“This weekend ONLY at the Monroe Civic Center!!! 10in subwoofers for ONLY $10… CAR ALARMS $20”


same advert different location. that was my first place of purchase before I knew better. 2 pyle driver 12’s and a 400 watt jensen and had to buy a truck box for the 12’s because thats all i could find that would fit the shelf in the trunk of my 74 Impala oh yeah and a pyramid tape deck

First there was dubstep now we have Philstep



When I was in college, I put a system in my car that was so tight and punchy my vision would blur during double bass parts like on Metallica- In Justice For All. You could feel your hair follicles vibrate, lol.

Not totally surprising, the car was stolen and eventually found abandoned with all the audio stripped out of it.


All these years I have been wrong about Sony Xplods, they clearly are good for something!


So far they have been good for filling my truck cab full of heavy dense white smoke. But the smoke rings coming from the port were beautiful against the sunset.

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and once the “Magic Smoke” comes out, you can’t put it back in

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Man, that is awesome… the UK guys have it figured out!

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Reminds me of a joke I heard back when I had an MGB.
Why do the British drink warm beer?

Because they have Lucas refrigerators.

How many sheets of mdf did you use for that? I’ve thought of doing that before, but several full sheets of mdf on 1 box seems like it could be an expensive build! It’s not always about price though, I’ve learned that with car audio lol

2 sheets cut 2x2. 4 rings per sheet
1 front plate
1 rear plate
14 rings with port
28 rings without port
$30 per sheet + glue+primer+paint about $90 total
It is totally worth it to have a one off box that nobody has. making the name plate for it this weekend. I emailed Skar audio to inquire about their logo and was given the ok to use it on the box as long as I was using their product.
If your machine is setup good the rings line up perfect and very little sanding is needed. On a side note if I do it again i will make holes in the design to use dowel rod as alignment pins for a easier build cause glued boards are a little slick.

I was also wondering, so it funny I came across this on this forum of all, but…
I’ve been lookin at the same sub, and tempted as can be, but I’m waiting for them to get the 1000 watt amp back in stock…I’m hesitant cause I dunno how good any 8 can hit the low bass. No matter how good it’s built.
Is that the case? Does it actually hit the lows loud and clear?

it dosent move the same air as 2 12 kickers but it is just as loud and hits lows spot on at full volume I could only turn the 2 12 kickers to a little over half before the sound started to degrade. In over 20+ years I have never been this impressed and up until now had always refused to own anything smaller than a 12. My only regret is that i did not buy 2. I am still pulling up the seat cause no one believes there is a single 8 back there.


Would you be willing to share your project of the subwoofer box? Or I could buy a copy of it?

I have a vid that you can check out should be enough to give you a idea of the construction

and for the update we went bigger same design but kerfed birch plywood

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