Sucked it up- bought 40mm/rev trapazoidal lead screws

Today I ordered 40mm lead screws for the x and y Axes. I hope I didn’t just make a $600 Mistake, but it seems like I should be able to run the motors in-line for better accuracy/repeatability. I view it as the ultimate upgrade with the x-controller. Has anyone made a similar conversion?

i’d love to see this when you get it together.

Me too! I’ve been thinking this direction, since I just had to replace my X belts, but it’s a big dollar add on.


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Man, keep us up to date on how this goes, I’m really curious! Seems like this would be a superb upgrade…

IGUS just came out with the 18mm X 40mm Lead/screw combo. And after a lot of research into screws vs. trapezoidal leads I decided to go with IGUS since it was a 1:1 conversion. Actually my z axis will also be a 2mm IGUS Trapezoidal as well, but you can get a 2mm/ rev conversion in many forms, The 40mm/rev is rather rare though. So over the next couple weeks I will be ordering the bearing system upgrades ( most likely a 30ish mm linear square bearing upgrade to rigidify the X and Y) Why? because I noticed a lot of flex with the stock setup. I thank inventables for a good controller though-worked perfectly on my first run, for wood its perfect but I am in this for mostly aluminum and really hard wood for cabinetry and window frame molds for fibre concrete. I’ll help you guys with this upgrade since I’m a rather serious old school ME, and you guys help me with the software/ G code stuff I am very late inn the game to learn totally from scratch. Btw I am buying Mach3 unless someone gives me a compelling reason/alternative not to do so.

I’m designing the brackets, buying slides and hardware to hopefully get this done within about 3 weeks. The Screws will take 3 weeks to get here from Germany anyhow.

well the x and y both resolve into 40mm /rev with the stock set-up, so I decided running motors in-line, would maximize my torque.The desired result could done in many ways, but I chose 40mm so I would not have to tinker too much after I was done, but we will see.

Yes that would have been crazy. Kinda funny, I don’t think a Nema 23 requires more than 6mm for torque but what is offered only comes in 18mm, So I’ll machine the end down to 12mm for a store bought coupler .25 to 12mm

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$600 uhh, where did you order that. Mostly sells for $2 per inch. Makes $180 for all. Lets say top $210 including shipping. Am I missing something.
Didn’t pay attention, it was 2 months old post. Seems either you have no success or you didn’t want to share your experience.