Suckit Dust boot?

Could someone tell me what makes this boot better to use it looks just like one from x carve just trying to find the bterr mouse trap solution for my dust collection is all. If its better please let me know how and why
Thanks in advance

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It is the same. Inventables partnered with SuckIt to make their set up. If you only need the boot and brackets, it may be cheaper and faster to get it from SuckIt.

Just got my Suckit dust boot last night. Took just under three weeks to get and with going directly to Suckit, i didn’t have to get the arm that comes with the Inventables. Took less than 10 minutes to assemble and install and was testing it within 25 minutes. Gotta say I love it! It left no dust behind.

My dust system from Inventables is still on order since 12/8 or so

They’ve had issue with their supplier is what I am being told

I saw,somewhere a full wrap around brush with no space to slide out with tool their. I’d rather raise z and have full dust brush

SuckIt offers both varieties.