Suddenly carves super deep

Long time xcarve and easel pro user. I carve hundreds of flags and other things.

Randomly though one of my fkag files I’ve used a lot, halfway through the derail carve with a v bit the machine starts to carve like 1/2” deep rather than the set .055 deep. Ridiculously deep. It has done this on another file separate from this one, in a very similar way.

Different wood. Different files. Different times. All with a 60 degree v bit in the detail stage it just starts to carve crazy crazy deep.

I checked the collet, it’s definitely tight both times.


Possibly the collet that attaches the Stepper to the Lead screw, especially if this X-Carve has the newer version Z axis. quite a few people have reported this coming loose (seems to not have been tightened properly at the factory maybe) IF it’s the new Z anyway.

It is a fully upgraded early 2021 x carve with the new z and all added.

You mean at the top where the lead screw attaches to the stepper motor?

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Correct threes a coupler with 2 screws in there that squeeze into each shaft

The front of the Z there is one set screw. This was tight, but not super tight. I got a good turn on the Allen screw.

The rear of the z there are two set screw collets.

The bottom was tight. The upper was not tight at all and was loose.

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That would certainly cause the issue here. With that loose the Z can just drop when gravity wants it to, only slight friction is applied to actually lift the gantry up and it would certainly slip more than lift…

you should be totally good to go now!
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