Suddenly unable to connect to X-controller

Good Evening All.

I’ve been successfully using my Xcarve for several weeks now. Unfortunately, tonight when I went to use it, I was unable to connect at all.

I was on GRBL 1.1F
Unable to connect using Easel, UGCS, Picsender.

Easel Reports “Com3 access is denied”:

The machine itself is kind of “stuttering” or something everytime I try to connect with something.

I have tried with two different computers at this point, same behavior.

I’ve searched through the forum, but I am unable to find anything that has fixed it

I have unplugged, restarted and tried different USB ports. I have also made sure the E-stop is all the way up, both lights are on.

Any ideas? What are the actual settings supposed to be within the port in device manager? (windows 10)

Did you figure it out?