Suggest moving the zoom buttons

When a shape is selected, the cut/shape pop-up window covers the zoom in/out/home buttons depending on the browser window size, the workpiece banner, etc.

In my case, that means most of the time and I am constantly deselecting the shape to zoom in/out. If the zoom buttons were placed under the action icons on the left, the cut/shape menu would never interfere with the zoom buttons. Thanks for considering.image

I made a quick video to kinda show the issue that appears to be happening to you in order to cover up those zoom buttons…
the covering of those buttons is abnormal.

Thanks, I failed to mention I am using a Macbook, but I can zoom in and out on the browser, and you are correct, that does make the cut/shape popup smaller, thanks for the help.

However, it also makes the fonts smaller in that popup as well as the rest of the menu items… making it difficult for these old eyes.

Also, the Macbook’s trackpad does not have a scroll wheel or equivalent gesture (pinching to zoom in minimizes the window and pinching to zoom out zooms the whole screen).

So, I would maintain my suggestion that if the zoom buttons were not placed where they can be covered by the cut/shape popup, it would be helpful to folks that might have their window not maximized while the browser is zoomed in for reading comfort.

Thanks again for your help.

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interesting, what browser is being used? It is recommended to use google chrome.

I agree, I’ve used safari on my wife’s Macbook and I recall some functions not working properly… maybe swapping browsers could resolve the issue as well.


Depending on your browser you may be able to set up font sizes without zooming in and distorting the easel layout as much…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not part of the Easel staff, so take my answers with a grain of salt, they may very well take and implement your suggestion. I’m just trying to explain why this is a non-issue for 99% of other users and some solutions that should elevate it from being an issue for you as well.

Thanks, have the same issue in Safari and Chrome browsers.

I don’t know if its a common problem or not, but it is enough of a hindrance to me I thought I’d share the suggestion. I do imagine that the % of Easel users with MacBooks might be larger than 1%, though :wink:

Have a great day.

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Specifically needing to zoom-in to see the text in addition to using easel on mac was where I got the 1% from…

I do know that at least one member of the Easel Dev team does use a Mac :slight_smile:
Either way, the more we converse about it, the more of a chance that they will read the thread and they take your suggestion into consideration :+1:

I definitely like the idea of the user being able to drag certain buttons (including those zoom buttons) to different locations though.

Hey @HG_Bull this would be a great feature to add into our feature requests, be sure and post it here so we can get it on the developers radar: Feature Requests - Inventables Community Forum

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Sorry @Brandon_Cullum I appreciate your apparent enthusiasm regarding feature requests however it’s not the first time this has been flagged up. I’ve emailed customer service a couple of times regarding the layout of the easel design/preview pages and nothing, no reply, no apparent interest. It’s great asking us to submit these suggestions but follow up often appears lacking. Sorry to put a downer on it and I’m Not doubting you’re all very busy but . . .

This is not necessarily a browser or zoom issue. It is simply a fact that the controls have to go somewhere in the design window when that region is minimized beyond a certain amount. I’m fairly confident that this occurs on all browsers.

Maybe if the object window (or whatever it is officially called) becomes a static fixture on the right side of the design region, can be minimized and maximized when needed, and becomes the parent window to the Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Home buttons it would work better?

Just a thought …


Brandon Parker

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That second picture would work, tying the cut/shape pop up to the zoom buttons so they move/zoom together and one can’t cover the other.

Yeah, both pictures represent a single object. The window pane itself could just be shown/hidden at will with the three buttons shifting as necessary and the “Cut” & “Shape” tabs just being a sort of marker for what the whole window would be.


Brandon Parker

Thanks Seth! I as well was aggravated with this, your suggestion fixed it. I am now set at 90%. Steve

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