Suggest spindle rpm for materials

It would be nice if for each different material, easel suggested a spindle rpm to use. At the moment I have no idea what rpm to use.



Get a copy of Gwizard. You use it to figure feeds and speeds for lots of different materials including wood and plastics.


When I checked, I found it was subscription based. :frowning:

Yes I did also have a look at it but was not willing to pay any money towards something like that, I have found a program called HSMadvisor that works fine, would still be nice to have it implemented into easel.


We are working on testing different speeds and feeds right now and changing Easel to incorporate it dynamically.

Would you be interested in contributing back your “results” for how a specific speed, feed, depth per pass, and bit worked for a given material after a job was done?

Ok thanks.
I will report back with any successful feeds and speeds, so far I am experimenting with what’s best for birch plywood, iv found that it works well with a little slower and more shallow than the recommended speeds from easel