Suggested additions to Easel Pro

  1. Add a “Lock Home Position” option on individual project.

ie: I do not always position my work piece in bottom left of waste board. (This evens out wear and tear on belts). However, if easel crashes (did mid finishing carve on a 2.5D/3D yesterday), getting machine precisely homed where i had it is impossible. So this results in a total waste of material.

  1. i would like to be able to mirror a 2.5D/3D in easel. I find a lot of outside programs lose nodes.

  2. Duplicating in 2.5D/3D. I make a lot of duplicate items. Being able to carve 10- 5x7 pieces on one board would be magical.

Thank you!

I would like the ability to carve only selected regions of an STL model.

A cnc only has one “home” the placement you’re referencing is the “work origin” aka “work zeros” and that is actually saved onto the cnc itself until its overwritten.
What you need to do is home and then select “use last xy” button in the carve sequence
If you wanted to return to this position there is also a “return to work origin” button in the jog menu although this also requires homing first.
Here is how one can carve using Center as the Work Origin in the 2.5D workspace: Easy NEW Method to Use the Center for the Home Position in Easel - YouTube
And again in the 3D workspace: Use the Center for Home position in Easel with STL files - YouTube

To mirror in the 2.5d workspace you can select edit>flip horizontal

The Replicator App found by clicking the lego button allows the user to create multiple copies of the 2.5D workspace design elements.

However after re-reading this post it appears that there may be some confusion on what is 2.5D versus what is a 3D Relief. : What is the difference between 2D, 2.5D and 3D contouring? | FlashCut CNC
With that said, many of the solutions I provided only apply to the 2.5D workspace and not the 3D portion of Easel which is setup only to carve 3d from existing models, and not to edit or modify the model beyond the designs size and rotation/placement.

Easel is not setup to do this function. You would need to edit the STL file. However based on your other posts I presume you are modeling these files using a different software and are creating designs where size is critical.
Have you tried performing your CAM function over in Fusion360?

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