Suggested Bits for this project?

Hey guys…
I’ve already made this ( project using a 1/8in straight cut & a 60 v-bit with a depth of .2. It came out OK however I’m not too crazy about the way that the v-bits cut. I’m looking for these to be cut as they appear straight down, but I understand that sometimes that isn’t possible without going to the absolute smallest bit.

So, I tried making the project shallower but the length of the cut increases from basically an hour to 3 hours?

Anyone else have any recommendations on bit combinations for something like this?



What was it that you didn’t like about the v-bit cut? That is the right tool for the job.
I ask because it may not have turned out correctly.

if you want it straight down I would do a 1/8" bit roughing pass + a 1/16" bit detail pass. 60 ipm feedrate and .06" depth per pass for the roughing and 50 ipm feedrate and .03" depth per pass for detail has it down to just under 1.5 hours.

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I don’t like the look of the cut, it’s messy especially with the cursive fonts. I made sure that it was tight enough and the machine cuts everything else fine. The ONLY thing i’ve noticed (and maybe this might help figure out if there’s a problem) is that the edges of the cuts are frequently rough. I primarily use MDF/plywood and nothing fancy as of right now.

There have been some issues with the toolpaths generated by Easel Pro in V-carving. It could be an issue with that. If you can get a few pics, to start, it may help diagnose the issue.

a spiral down cut bit will help with rough edges in plywood.

I’d prob use a v bit. A “true v bit” Whiteside 60 degree v bit

hi, have you got a picture of your carved sign?