Suggested New Feature

While I don’t agree with the price/benefit ratio of Easel Pro, I’d like to offer a suggestion on a possible new feature that Inventables could implement.

What if there was the ability to hide travel paths.

Much like the hide material button which comes in handy when you want to ensure that a shape or image doesn’t get accidentally added to your carving (say it’s set to zero for reference purposes).

Well with a hide travel paths feature you it would make seeing the carving paths much easier, especially on dense images like engravings and logos. Any artwork that has small carve paths and needs to pick up the spindle to move to another small path would benefit from this. It would definitely step up the pro feature IMO.

I have often found myself in the situation wanting to verify in the simulation window how my carving will turn out but no matter how you rotate the 3D viewer you can’t get a clear picture on the carve path with all the travel paths in the way.

Let me know what you guys think…

Please comment or like to get Inventables attention!!

After clicking on simulate move the slider to the left (beginning) and the paths will be cleared.

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Maybe I wasn’t as clear before, but I only want to eliminate the red and green travel path NOT the blue carve path.

The reason for this is because you get to accurately view your project prior to carving. In the left window of Easel you can’t clearly see your image if it’s a shallow cut. and if you select your project you might get interfering boxes around each shape which makes it confusing to get a real picture of your project before you hit carve.

100% agree.

The wasted movements on just basic pocket carves or letter carves blow my mind. Cutting down/optimizing movements would save a lot of time on some projects.

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