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Suggested upgrade pause project and raise spindle

Curious if you are ever going to do an upgrade so if my bit breaks mid project I could simply pause the project raise the spindle, change the bit, lower the spindle and just continue on with my project. I’ve at a couple projects where my bit broke and the project was almost complete. Currently the only way I can finish the project is to restart from the beginning, put everything up at 200% until just before the bit broke. Two of those projects were over 4 hours long with about half hour left to carve…please help as this is a waste of time. PS: Don’t know enough to delete the part of the project that was already carved. Thanks.

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yeah, that is the other option, to export the gcode and delete the complete parts… or cover them with a 0 depth shape in easel if you want the simple method since gcode editing is out of reach right now.

I re-categorized your post into Easel>Feature Requests since this would be a function of easel that you’re asking for :wink: