Suggestion for Laser Engraving

Thank you. I wanted to demonstrate it is possible to do what you want with a laser diode. :wink:

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Yes thank you :slight_smile:

Where you buy the 6W LD?

i have found this:

what you think?

The 2W you linked states it’s a 445nm 9mm Nichia LD which normally outputs 2.8W-3W, so the laser diode they claim using could be questionable. Normally a 2W is a M140 5.6mm laser diode.

It looks like it has a good heat sink and will except a PWM signal. All I can say is, give it a try if engraving time is not important to you.

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Ok thanks, i can give a try in the next weeks, at the moment i have spent a lot of money on the cnc :smile:
I have another two question to you:

  1. I have a CNC Shield you know how connect to it?
  2. I have no idea of what you say about: IPM, feed rate, skip white etc…where i can find some information to study it, and where you insert this value?

The Laser driver’s TTL modulation input connects to D11 (PWM) & ground on the Arduino UNO R3.

Inches per minute (IPM) is the feedrate in imperial units, so if you use Metric units, you will have to set PEP5 to Metric and with a 2W you will have to go through a trial & error period . Skip White Background is a feature we developed for our PicEngrave Pro 5 image to gcode program. Feed Rate Change is another feature we developed for our PEP5. Here is our PEP5 Tutorial 2016 and I previously posted the PEP5 instructions 2016.

PEP5 Tutorial 2016.pdf (2.9 MB)

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JTech’s laser driver also includes a variety of safety features, which are pretty important when you’re dealing with a powerful laser. Further, as a JTech customer for the last few years, I can tell you that they produce a very high quality product and stand by it’s reliability. Their customer service is 2nd to none.

I’m sure that you could find cheaper components on eBay but it’s bound to be a bit of a gamble. You really get what you pay for with JTech.


Will any of the JTech laser products engrave on brass or copper sheet material?

I have asked JTech support this question as well.

Thanks! - Alan

While I can’t say with 100% assurance, I’d say it’s very, very unlikely.

My 30W Epilog won’t touch metals at all, just wrong frequencies and not nearly enough power. :slight_smile:

Why not just use a sharp/fine V-bit (assuming you have an X-Carve)?

They won’t engrave directly but they do work fantastically for removing paint which will then allow you to electro-chemically etch the material. I did a brass plaque this way and it came out great.

when I work with metal and want to engrave with the laser it is a little bit more of a processes. paint metal use laser to remove the paint then etch with acid.

Thanks for the replies - paint and etch with acid, interesting.
Going to file that under future projects…

I did order an X-Carve so enough talking and more doing!

BTW this is the reply I received from JTech:

“Hi Alan,
Thanks for your interest in our laser upgrade kits. Unfortunately you will
need a much bigger laser to directly engrave metal. They run between $15K
to $250K…
Our lasers will engrave on wood and plastic really good though. : )”


Ive got a 30 watt laser capable of engraving this project