Suggestions for clamping

Today I picked up a pretty good bunch of birch, and even some apricot wood, stored for 20 + years, I cut much of it to 32" lengths to fit my spoilboard. The wood is rough sawn, and not very flat or straight. Am going to flatten one side on the CNC then run them through the planer. My jointer is a toy and not up for plane-ing 4 inch+ wide boards. The boards are not flat enough to use CA & tape for fixing. I could do the boards one at a time using dog hole stops & wedges which means resetting the Z axis each board, but wondering if anyone has an idea I could try for holding 5 or 6 boards at a time to speed things up.
Cannot use hold downs obviously so wonder if anyone has any ideas we could try.

Planer sled?

I think that setting up each board on a sled would be very slow. On the CNC, If the board is sitting on two points a fence with wedges will hold the work still. Not sure if building a sled with clamping abilities would speed things up.
If I had more gantry height it might be possible to put a couple of pipe clamps on the spoilboard and clamp a number of the boards tight to each other.
Right now the front runner is one board at a time on the CNC held with wedges and the Z axis set just above the estimated max height, that at least would give me a little time to do some sanding on other work for 4 or 5 minutes each.

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