Suggestions on this file before I carve

Can I get some advice with some recommendations on cut settings for the below attached file that I have created? I have Easel Pro so the two stage cut and the v bit cut isnt an issue. The best time I came up with was lowering the total project carve depth to 0.5" and doing the rough cut with a 1/8" downcut and the detail pass with a 60 degree v bit. This still came out to just under three hours for the entire project.

I think the problem with the file and cut time is the patch design, with the raised letters on the bottom vs. the carved letters on the top. I created the file using image trace of their station patch and after cleaning it up this is the best I came up with.

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Is there a spellcheck issue on “cavary”?

you did not share it publicly,

Depending on your material you can change the settings, I never use the suggested settings they are very conservative, you have to remember every machine is different and I don’t use plywood very often. See below change under custom. Going deeper is not always the answer. I typically go with .04 depth on projects like this. OR i set my depth of cut so it gets the entire text (not the reversed text) in one or two passes.

FOR .04 depth
.03 depth