Suggestions/Recommendations for my pre-2016 X-carve

I’m NEEDING to do some upgrading on my machine… the Z is not stable (probably from worn or not tightenable V-Wheels)… but while I’ve got it all apart, I am thinking about doing the following:

  1. X axis from 2 to 1 Wide Makerslide.
  2. Replace all V-Wheels (All axis’s)
  3. Change from eccentric nuts to eccentric spacers
  4. Y axis lift plates (

Now what I’m REALLY looking for advice on…

  1. Should I replace the Acme Screw (pretty sure it or the Nut that comes with it bent during an unplanned bit-dive)… Or should I get the Z carriage replacement that many of you have already gotten?
  2. Would I get good benefit from replacing both Y’s with Wide Makerslide too?

When I replace the X (and possibly Y) with wide makerslide, are new plates required?

Also, when looking at replacing all of the v-wheel assemblies… the newer instructions call for:
(2) 25312-23 Aluminum Spacer 5.1mm ID 9.5mm OD 9.5mm LG
that go on the Z Carriage… they aren’t listed on the store… any suggestions?

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  1. yes

  2. are the wheels worn?

  3. yes

  4. only if you are changing Z to something with more movement. I have triquetra Lift with wide slide

  5. see 4^

  6. I have wide in my y’s and its rock solid, but if you support it to the frame its good again see 4^

no plates required for x yes for y’s

why replace wheels? and spacers call inventables

that’s my 2cents for what its worth

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I’ve never been able to get the wheels adjusted correctly (not every wheel turns) and they are starting to leave marring marks on the rails… I cannot say exactly where my sloppiness in the bit is coming from, and the v wheels (especially with the eccentric nuts) are one suspect…

Those double plates are bada$$! Is that just 2 inventables plates with spacers? Was the width any issue with the plates?