Super Compact Computer, will It Work for Easel?

Found this link on my Facebook this morning and thought this would be perfect so I do not always have to hook and unhook my computer to my machine.

Do you guys think it will work?

I am not sure about Easel’s requirements because I don’t use it, however, it seems like a very capable unit. I would add a POWERED USB hub that plugs into the single USB port and has its own auxiliary power supply because at 5 volts and 2 amps driving a quad core chip plus integrated graphics and bluetooth there will not be much overhead for power supplied to that USB port.

It is definitely an interesting unit and I am glad you posted it.

I was able to purchase a quadcore Win8 tablet on Amazon for $35. By the time I posted my experience with it, the price went up to $45.
I was able to update it to Win10 without any issues. The thread on Win8 tablets can be found here on the Shapeoko forum;