Super Glue (CA) as hold down

The only downside I’ve ever had is, if I cut too deeply and hit the tape, it can clog up the end of the end mill, and may not cut the rest of the piece as cleanly. I use it exclusively for 1/8" material or thinner.

tried this method today. 2 things happened I’ll have to figure out before trying again, x carve left too much to spare on part of project, and cut through tape on other part which gummed it up. I think potentially the overlapping of tape on the bottom could have caused it to be slightly uneven, but due to size of pieces overlap seemed necessary.
regardless How do you accurately square the workpiece when using ca glue with activator? I used 2p10 which is awesome but finally wound up omitting accelerator and just letting it cure with no pressure. This too could have caused an uneven surface but previous attempts with accelerator led to out-of-square workpiece… suggestions?

Do you use a fence or stop to help square up the material? I just don’t really get all the love for this the superglue method ( other than maybe availability) when you can use double sided carpet or double sided duct tape. I tried it once and hated the fumes.

The main two reasons for the suitability are:

  • The two layers of tape have a solid/rigid bond, makes it very sturdy.
  • Masking tape is made to sit firm AND to release easily without leaving glue residue

On occation I make cake toppers for my woman and masking tape is superior in terms of release and lack of clean-up from residue etc. I have used doubel sided carpet tape before and the clean-up was a real chore.

Try double sided duct tape or cloth carpet tape. It comes right off if you remove it within a reasonable time frame. I understand that it’s 6 of one and half a dozen of another. I don’t relish the idea of waiting for glue to dry or using accelerator either. :-).

The spray adhesive dries pretty fast, I use it mainly for thin letters, it works ok but not 100%. I add 23g nails, which is my main go to now for all my work. Someone mention the 23g nail gun, gave a shot and it works great. I used to use 18g but sometimes they were hard to take out of the waste board. The only thing I don’t like about the carpet tape is that it gets stuck in the bits, but other than that it works ok. I used to have a double sided tape that it was made out of paper and it was great but I ran out and I can’t find it anywhere. The ones that I have found are made out of vinyl or whatever plastic they use.

Ok so regardless of what kind of tape or glue… how do you square it?

I routed a groove in my table surface in which I can put a fence to line stuff up to.

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I mill 8mm dowel holes in my wasteboard that I can use as alignment pins.

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Great, thank you!

I love this idea!