Super gradient generator + Interset all

So i am trying my hand at making a 2.5D “wavy flag” using the Easel software. I watched the video on the super gradient generator (tools are different now, it could use an update), followed the instructions but when it comes to the intersect all it ends up making the gradient all one depth. I am attempting to use a rectangle shape and cut the ends that over hang off but i can’t figure it out. Any suggestions other than using a different software? I don’t understand, the Xcarve seems to be an awesome machine, so why is the software lacking?

I guess what i am trying to explain is that I want the ends of the shape to be open…

never mind… figured it out.

OK… here is what I learned. The 2 different shapes MUST BE cut shapes. Example a square with an overlapping circle. The circle is the one used for the Super gradient generator. After getting the gradient down, select all items and then use Intersect all to remove all the excess (overhang).

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