Super-pid and xcontroler

Hi guys,me again.

Is there a way to reverse the output for spindle control in the xcontroler?
The problem I have is, I just installed the super-pid with my dewalt router. All works fine but the spindle is on all the time. In easel set up when you ask to turn the spindle on then the spindle turns off and when you ask it to turn it off the spindle turns on.
Looking at the super pid website I found that the pid works with signals of 0v = on and 5v = off.

Any advice please fellas?

Do a search using “superpid” there are many threads that discuss its usage.

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Thanks… I did but dint find the answer thats why I’m posting this.

Thanks though.

You didn’t look hard enough. Link

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Yep you right,my apologies and thanks fo the link.

Many thanks :smiley:

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