Superhero profile dxfs

I have an xcarve coming this next week. and before it gets here i want to get some programs ready to run for when i get it all put together. one of the things that i am going to be doing is acrylic night lights kind of like this… but i can’t find any profiles like this anywhere on the web so far. can anyone direct me to where i can find dxf or other compatible files that i can use of superhero specifically? please help!!!

Kyle, I’ve purchased a few from this site with good success. You will have to resize the tab at the bottom to fit whichever LED base you are going with.

Welcome. Tried searching “Ironman 3d Illusion line art” and came up with some possibilities. Here: Ironman 3D illusion line art

Just replace the name to search for a character of your choice. This was the only search I did. Not sure how much more you will find.

Pinterest seems to have a few. Pinterest line art

Good luck.

Thank you guys very much. I really appreciate it!!!

do a search of Iron man black and white images

save the jpeg files and upload in easle like normal

Can you do this for just about all superheroes?

Yes and most all google images.

I do this all the time. Remember copyright infringement. Don’t sell these

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