SuperPID and Xcontroller

Is anybody using a SuperPID and Xcontroller to turn on and off there Dewalt using the 0-10volt and control speed from gcode using pwm. If so if you could also show a schematic would be great.



I just started another thread for a similar but different approach - i want to use the RUN input to the superpid to turn off the router. This means i need a signal output from the xcontroller to superpid2
I have used both PWM and 0-10 voltage with dividing resistors to drive superpid2 from xcontroller… both worked well

you must not supply more than 5 volts to superpid POT terminal to control the voltage. if you use the xcontroller you must use a resistor dividering network to drop the voltage so it operates between 0-5 volts.

i used two 1.8K (1%) resistors in series ; the 0-10 output from xcontroller is supplier to one end of the two resistors, the other end is connected to ground. the point at which the two resistors are joined is where you connect the superpid.